Corona Virus Precautions


Our client’s safety is always top of mind at IPIC Play, and we want to ensure everybody that we are taking extreme measures to ensure the safety of our clients and staff.

We would like to take this opportunity to share the precautions we are adhering to as per the World Health Organizations and the South African government, especially President Rhamaphosa’s speech for the nation on Sunday with the governmental ban on public gatherings (bigger than 100 persons).

Going forward we will be taking the following measures:

  • We will not allow access to our facility without proper sanitizing and testing of temperature for signs of fever at our reception area.
  • We will strictly limit parents, children and staff to a maximum of 100 people at any given time in our facility.
  • Due to the school holidays being extended and many parents not having a back-up system in place, we will be extending the school holiday program for the full duration of the holiday
    until after the Easter weekend, but as usual not over weekends and public holidays. The cost will be R350 per child per day. Beside the staff they will be the first of the 100 maximum people.
  • Our properties use cleaning and disinfecting protocols to clean equipment and communal spaces, with particular attention to the high-touch areas.
  • We have already increased our cleaning and hygiene procedures, with increased cleaning staff to be able to comply with the hygiene control, as well frequency of cleaning.
  • We also encourage clients to sanitize with hand sanitizers available throughout our facilities, as well as each of our equipment stations.
  • Our card machines will be disinfected after use by each client.
  • Kitchen staff to have the required (PPE) personal protective equipment.
  • Please note that at all times that the safety of our clients will be top priority and adherence to our fun coaches when they point out a sick child will be enforced. Therefore you might be refused entry to the facility if you display any of the signs of Corona virus.

We ask your positive assistance in the above mentioned, for it is up to all of us to ‘flatten the curve’ and work together to control the virus. We will be closely monitoring the situation over the next few days and keep you updated to changes in our daily operations.

We will however continue to be open and fully operational while we have the necessary systems in place.

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