Are there any vacancies available?

Yes, currently we are scouting for permanent Fun Coaches for our Play Park as well as Membership Consultants (Sales Personnel).

What activities do the Play Park host?

The Play Park hosts a magnitude of activities. Among others, there are Clip n Climb
Walls, Jumping Zone - also capable of hosting Dodge Ball challenges, Ninja Warrior course, High Rope course, Gladiator Pit, Giant Slide,
Spiral Slide, Kiddies Maze as well as a Toddler Town for our 0 – 2 year old visitors.
Inclusive of the afore mentioned, we also have a Knead Bakery and Café within the
Play Park. The Play Park is also a very popular themed party venue.

Can I just arrive there or should I book in advance?

Both, however we do recommend and encourage our visitors to book online in advance, specifically on peak times (Fri to Sun), to prevent disappointment should the Play Park be handling high volumes of visitors. Be reminded that we play on the hour, for the hour.

Are the play items age restricted?

Mainly for safety reasons, unfortunately yes. Minimum age displayed at every play station.

Do you have Fun Coaches deployed at the various play stations?

Yes, we do have Fun Coaches at our various stations.

Do I need to sign an indemnity (waiver) before entering?

Yes, an indemnity form need to be completed for all using the equipment.

Can I complete the waiver online?

Yes, you can complete the waiver online or even at our reception.

Can I climb or jump with a medical condition?

Only participate if you are in good physical condition. Do not participate if you have pre-existing medical conditions including breathing, heart, back, neck, bone or muscle conditions.

Are Ipic Play activities dangerous?

Despite being referred to as a play park, this is actually an adventure park, where play pals are challenged to compete against themselves or against each other. It is an environment where gross motor skills are developed whilst also building/ improving self- confidence. Accidents are unfortunately unavoidable in any domain and can occur from time to time. However, playing and adhering to our stipulated rules and regulations minimises the possibility of injury.

Where can I book for a party?

You can book online for a party or you can send an email to parties@ipicplay.co.za. We encourage you to do so well in advance of the actual party date in order to secure your slot as well as to allow sufficient time for proper planning and service delivery of a high standard from us.

What are your party packages?

You can view our different party packages on our website, at www.ipicplay.co.za.

Where can I view your party rooms online?

You can view our different party rooms in our online photo gallery or pay us a visit personally to view our facilities by means of a guided tour by one of our capable party organisers.

Where can I view more on Ipic Play?

You can get more information on our website, at www.ipicplay.co.za

How long before a party do I have to book?

A booking at least 2 weeks in advance, would secure sufficient time for proper party planning in accordance with your specific requirements.

What kind of parties do you host?

Currently we host 9 party themes. Please visit our party page on www.ipicplay.co.za under Themed Party to view our different themes.

When do I need to show up for a session?

At Ipic Play, we play on the hour for the hour. On off peak times, i.e. Mondays to Thursdays, we recommend that you be here 15 minutes before the hourly play times and on peak times, at least 30 minutes before the play times start. Also be reminded of booking online to prevent unnecessary queuing, frustrations and play time delays.

Can I jump, climb or slide if I’m pregnant?

Preferably not.

I don’t have a credit/debit card, can I pay when I get there?

Yes, we also do cash sales

Where can we watch our children play?

There are seating stations throughout the Play Park, as well as on the deck, just above the resident Knead Café and Bakery.

Do we have to pay to watch the kids play?

No, there is no entrance fee if you only wish to watch the kids play. Parents/ guardians however need to pay at Reception should they wish to play on the various Play Stations.

Do you have free wifi?

Yes, we do have free wifi.

Can teenagers and adults also participate?

Of course! The Play Park is designed to accommodate children, teenagers and adults alike.

Do you have a restaurant inside of the building?

We have a Knead Bakery and Café in the play park.

Can I bring food or drinks from outside?

No food or beverages from outside allowed unless you are Halaal or have made special arrangements with the Manager.

Can I wear glasses while playing?

The wearing of glasses during play is left to the discretion of our play pals.

Must Grip Socks be worn for play at Ipic Play?

Absolutely yes. It is a non-negotiable safety measure at our Play Park.

Do you sell Grip Socks?

Yes, we do have various sizes in stock. It is a once off purchase of R30.00 pp.

Do I need to buy the Grip Socks every time I visit my favourite park or can I bring my own?

If you have your own pair of Grip Socks, there is no need to purchase new ones, you can then just bring them along again. Obviously, no bare feet are allowed in the park.

Where can I store my belongings during my visit at Ipic Play? Is it safe?

You can store your belongings in our mini-lockers as you enter the facility. Though we do not accept any responsibility for your personal belongings, it will be safe in our mini-lockers. We discourage the practice of “storing” your belongings (bags and shoes) on/ next to our seated areas, mainly for security reasons.

Am I allowed to wear shoes on the equipment?

No shoes, or bare feet (hygiene reasons) are allowed on the equipment.

What should I wear to participate in the different activities?

We suggest casual, comfortable clothing or even sportswear for participating in our activities.

What are the Park Rules?

The Park Rules are displayed inside the play park. We encourage parents/ guardians to familiarize themselves with these rules and to ensure that their youngsters, where applicable are also informed of them prior to engaging in play activities, e.g. no sliding head first off the Giant Slide; no acrobatics in the Jump zone or into the Gladiator Pit.

Do you host corporate events?

Hosting of corporate events can be negotiated yes.

Do you make special prices for groups?

Yes, we do. Enquiries can be made to info@ipicplay.co.za

How much does it cost?

Please see our prices on the website at www.ipicplay.co.za

Are there any height or weight restrictions?

Yes, 1.2m reach for the High Rope Course and 150kg on Clip n Climb walls.

Is there any age restriction at Ipic Play?


If I make an enquiry through Ipic Play website, what is the delay in response?

We strive to respond to enquiries as fast and best we can.

Do you have parking?

Yes, we do have parking at Ipic Active Health and Fitness Centre. Parking is free.

What are your hours of operation?

Mon to Thurs (9am to 6pm), Fri to Sat (9am to 7pm) and Sun (9am to 6pm).

Where is Ipic Play located?

Corner of Burton &, Aurora St, Aurora, Durbanville, Cape Town, 7550.

Do you have holiday programmes?

Please consult our social media or calendar on website.

Can I drop off my kids for a days’ play and pick them up later? Is it safe? Will they be catered for? What are those packages?

Yes, by prior arrangement with the Manager at email: info@ipicplay.co.za

What happens in the event of losing/ forgetting something in the Play Park?

Please phone us and our Fun Coaches will do their utmost to locate the lost item.

What are your “peak” and “off peak” hours?

Mon to Thurs (9am to 6pm) are off peak times. Our peak times are Fri to Sun, as well as on Public Holidays and during School Holidays.

Do you have First Aid assistance at the Park?

Yes, we do have trained first Aid assistance (Level 1) on the premises.